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Prizren City

View of prizren

Prizren city sunset view from fortress

Prizren city is a lovely city situated in the south of Kosovo, and is it’s second largest city with a population of around 180.000 inhabitants . It’s a historical city with traces of settlements since pre-roman times . Today its city of festival, music, and youth. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides (Mt. Sharr, Mt. Korritnik and Mt. Pashtrik ), and the plain of Kosovo on it’s north side, making it a very beautiful surrounding and ambience . River Lumbardh runs through it and flows in nearby Vermica Lake . It’s a city with a rich cultural and historical heritage and has many historical places and sights.


Old Prizren stone bridge

Old Prizren stone bridge


Prizren is a very old city . First traces of human settlement are dated 6500 BC on a site found near village of Vlashnje 6 km from the city . Archaeologists have discovered houses,  weapons, objects of everyday life, pottery and other things. While in written history it is first mentioned as “ the Roman town of Theranda in Ptolemy‘s Geography in the 2nd century AD. Theranda is Prizrens old ancient name.

Throughout its history Prizren was a very important geostrategic place and a junction of important roads that run through it, and also part of many kingdoms and empires that passed through it. Prizren city was also the old capital of Kosovo until 1961 when Prishtina took this post. Today it’s a lively city with over 180.000 inhabitants with great cultural and historical traditions .   


High Mountains In Prevalla

High Mountains In Prevalla


Tourism is very developed in our city. In the summer you can go to the Vermica Lake and enjoy your time there with friends and family, or go to the Sharr Mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery, local food and hospitality and also you can visit the city itself which has many historical and cultural places to see. You can also enjoy local food, sightseeing and nightlife, or just visit some of the many festivals that are held each year.

Of course the most known and important touristic spot of them all is Brezovica Ski Center which is situated in Sharr Mountains some 30 km from the city. It’s a famous place for winter holidays and sport activities and attracts many visitors from around the world . The skiing season there starts from end of October and lasts until mid of March. There are two main hotels, “ Narcis “ and “ Molika “ and a great number of smaller hotels and motels to spend the night, rent shops for ski equipment, various shops and markets and a large number of restaurants, pizzerias, kebab houses and other places to eat .


Tava e Prizrenit Prizren food

Tava e Prizrenit Prizren food


Prizren is well known for its traditional food and drink, and has a great number of restaurants, pizzerias, sandwich bars, and kebab houses where you can find a lots of local traditional food and specialities, as well as modern cuisine .

Most famous specialities are kebabs, burek, roasted suxhuk, lokums (dough donuts), and also traditional dishes such as dolma, tava, roasted peppers with gjize, hashlama, meat pies and many others. You can always visit many places to eat where you will always be expected with traditional hospitality and comfort. There are also restaurants, sandwich bars, bakeries who work 24 hrs a day.

Also there‘s a food festival that is held every year in the month of August, where local restaurant and kebab house owners as well as the meat and food producers put their food on display. Another important thing about food in our city are many restaurants and places to eat outside the city. You can always go to Vermica Lake and enjoy fish and other seafood specialities, or go to village of Recane or Prevalla which are on the road to Brezovica Ski Center in the Sharr Moutains where you can enjoy roasted lamb, turkey or chicken and other game meats .

Fortress Cinema builded for dokufest film festival

Fortress Cinema builded for dokufest film festival.


One thing you shouldn’t be missing when visiting our city is going to some of its many festivals that are held each year. They are held throughout the year and attract many guests and tourists. They are from all forms of art, entertainment, and tourism imaginable. It’s what Prizren city is recognized in todays modern World .

We’ll mention only the biggest ones here due to the lack of space and we’ll start with the biggest and surely the most famous one, the Dokufest – festival of short and documentary film which is held in August, Oldtimer Fest – the oldtimer cars festival held in May, Sculp’Ice – festival of ice sculptures held in February, Bunarfest a festival where competitors get on a tractor wheel, jump on river Bistrica , and sail to the city from a place called 40 Bunars (40 Wells) some 10 km away from Prizren city, Food Festival – the festival of food and gastronomy held in September on the streets of the city by the river Lumbardh , NGOM – which is youth music festival held in June (NGOM by the way in albanian means “ listen to me ”) and many others .

They are very beautiful and lively events, and bring joy and happiness to the entire city. Our citizens are very proud of them. Each year during  festival time they go out and stay till late at night, they invite guests to their homes, and organize all sorts of  celebrations and parties (especially youth).

We sincerely recommend you to visit our city during festival times .


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